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Google +1 Checker

Google +1 Checker

Enter URL in below box to see how many Google +1’s it has received

Add the above Google+ Checker to your website –
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Google+ Search

Search what is happening on Google+ and return the results on your own website.

Google+ Search Latest Results
Google+ Search Best Results

Google+ Search Results

Self Hosted Google Plus Widget

Add a Google+ Widget to your own site that displays posts from your Google+ stream on your own website – Self Hosted Google Plus Widget

See example in sidebar on right of this page.

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Enter URL in box below to check the page for rich snippets and microformatting

Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Alternatively, you can add something like this to your own pages,

Feel free to contact me if you want more info about this.

SEO Keyword Finder

The Sim64 SEO Keyword finder helps you find keywords and key phrases related to the category you select.

Use drop down arrow to select category and find keywords related to that category

(note: just very small sample, actual SEO Keyword finder has 1,000 categories to search from)

Jump Links in Google Results

This page shows you How to get jump links showing in Google

Just for Fun

Google Traffic Calculator

Google Traffic Calculator is a new SEO tool that calculates the amount of unique visitors based on the selected keyword for the position achieved in the Google SERPS’s for that keyword.


Position in Google:

Amount of Traffic this keyword generates in 24 hours

Google Keyword Competitor Analysis Calculator

See how much competition you have with an alternative version of the Google Keyword Tool to show how many results appear for a keyword when using

Simple enter your keyword in the box below and click submit to see how many results there are in for that keyword.


You can also see the results at

Ping Google

Speed up your infexing with the Ping Google tool from V1 SEO.

Google Rankings Checker Tool

The Google Rankings Checker Tool is an extraordinary system to check your rankings in Google.

Top 10 SEO Tips

The UKSBD Top 10 SEO Tips for onpage SEO.