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What Happened to Give and Take in SEO

when I 1st started in SEO back in about 2002 one of the 1st things I realised was how important it was to have a *You Scratch My Back I’ll Scratch Your Back* mindset.

I’m not just talking link exchange but actually helping each other out, not necessarily because you expected anything in return but because it felt good and as you were doing this you were building up relationships.

Now we all know Google don’t like link exchanges that they consider to be manipulating their results and over the years have basically installed almost fear about link exchanging to the degree that few people will link out now even if the site they would have linked to was useful to their site visitors.

Fair enough Google combatting the manipulative link exchanges but it has also had the effect that webmasters have become so insular that they don’t build up relationships anymore, don’t network and effectively see other webmasters as rivals.

Take Take Take

This has been summed up to recently on my Business Directory site.

In the early days, lots of people would link back to me when adding a listing and I would quite regularly get thanked for adding their listing to the directory.

Steadily, over the years the links have got less and less, but more annoyingly, the thanks have too.

I monitored the new entries last week and out of 538 new listing just one person bothered to take the time to thank me.

Out of those 538 listings about 100 said they had put a link on their site back to mine, on closer inspection it was less than 10

It really does look as though the Internet has become Take, Take, Take and to a degree I blame Google for this.


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