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What is #__sid=0 in Google+

#__sid=0 is a Google+ bug that affects certain websites by tagging #__sid=0 on to the end of URL’s when a link to them is posted in Google+ or the web page is shared on Google+

#__sid=0 currently affects a small number of websites but appears to be growing all the time.

Some big sites that are affected include The Guardian and Fox News

As of 21/05.2013 Google are aware of the #__sid=0 and are looking in to it.

If your website has the #__sid=0 problem please comment below

Note: It is not just __sid=0 that Google is tagging on the end of links, sometimes they use the name of a div id on the web page affected.

Basically if you see a link which has had a # tagged on the end this could be the Google+ bug.

Update 23/05/2013:

It was a bug in Google+ that determined the represented URL used when sharing a page.

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