Sim64 SEO

Since putting the V1 SEO number plate on my new car I am quite often asked what does SEO stand for.

When I tell them it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and that I am a Search Engine Optimiser it usually results in blank expressions on their faces.

Being in the SEO industry and constantly talking to people online  sometimes makes us misjudge how much the general public know.

OK, in the circles we tend to hang around in using the acronym SEO may be just 2nd nature, but walk in to any village pub and tell the locals you are an SEO and chances are they will ask What is an SEO?

So what has this little story got to do with keyword research?

If we as SEO’s slip in to the trap of assuming the general public know the aconyms we know, speak the same industry language as us, will we also slip in to this trap when targeting keywords?

Lets look at the facts, most keyword research tools are used by people in the marketing industry, so in theory the results could easily be swayed towards the terminology used by those in the industry.

Even when the keyword tools use data from searches performed by the general public the chances are these again are not accurate because of the number of times marketing experts and SEO’s research keywords.

So let’s go back to that little local village pub.

Ask 10 of the locals what phrase they would use when searching for something, if 3 of them  say something completely ridiculous that the keyword research tools tell you are a complete waste of time don’t make the mistake of thinking the keyword research tool is correct and the people are wrong.