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Where is My Polling Station for the 2019 General Election

Find your local polling station for the 12th December 2019 General Election.

Note: Many councils have yet to announce the location of local polling stations, enter your Postcode below to see if your polling station has been announced yet, or if not, find the contact details of your Electoral Registration Office.

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Register to Vote

Register to vote at 12th December 2019 General Election

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Reporting Inaccessible Polling Stations

Do not lose your vote due to an Inaccessible Polling Station – Use our reporting system below and we will try to help – Report Inaccessible Polling Stations »

Note: you are quite welcome to do this anonymously but please enter a postcode so we can report to the relevant electoral office

Reporting Inaccessible Polling Stations

Your Name:

Your Email:

Your Postcode:
(We use this to locate the Electoral Registration Office responsible for your polling station)

Where your polling station is:
(ie: Cherington Village Hall, Cherington, Warwickshire)

Describe the problem with your polling station:

Inaccessible Polling Stations Reporting System provided by

Polling Station Finder 2019

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