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Update 31/10/2019 – The Young Offenders Series 2 out on November 3rd 🙂

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is nearly here – Young Offenders series 2

Why this doesn’t get more publicity and isn’t talked about more is beyond me – best programme in years

Update July 2020 – The Young Offenders back for Series 3 🙂

I’m still on the look out for a Fake Bill Mask so if anyone knows where to get one from please comment below.

What I also want is a That Prick Healy Answerphone Message which basically tells people who I don’t want to hear from to Fuck Off in a Mairead MacSweeney voice.

Where to Buy a Fake Billy Mask – Billy Murphy The Young Offenders

After last weeks post I’m Billy Murphy I’ve watched The Young Offenders series from the start again and want to know where can I buy a Fake Billy Mask?

The producers of the show have missed a trick there if they haven’t made any, I know loads of people who would buy a Fake Billy Mask if they could – would you? – Let me know in the comments below.

If anyone out there does start producing Fake Billy Masks, send me one and I’ll put them on this website 😉

I’m Billy Murphy

After all I really love you

Where to Buy a Fake Billy Mask - Billy Murphy Mask The Young Offenders

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