Sim64 SEO

Although I will start by saying I own a free online business directory, I must say I really don’t like the way they appear in Google so much.

With that out the way my question today is just why do people bother registering in free online business directories?

The reasons I say this is because I am at the stage when I don’t really need any new free listings so I recently moved the free registration page to a harder to find place.

Surprisingly though I was still getting 50+ new listings a day so I made the registration process a bit more long winded, added a message saying it may take 14 day to approve listings and also created a token £10.00 option for quick registration and a few extras.

Amazingly this still didn’t really slow down the free listings, but even more amazingly, although it is quite a time consuming process to add a free business listing only a very small percentage bother with the very simple 1 minute 2nd phase that ensures their listing is set up properly.

I really do wonder why people go to all the time and trouble to add a listing but either think £10 is too expensive to get a far better listing, don’t read the instructions about completing the process or just can’t be bothered.

It really does make me wonder what percentage of people who register are actually business owners who have any clue, what percentage are web or SEO agencies adding listings but not really caring, what percentage are only adding listings for links, what percentage are just adding themselves to directories because they have been told to by SEO agencies, what percentage just don’t read the instructions properly, what percentage use fake email addresses and don’t see the full instructions or what percentage just can’t be bothered to complete the process?

It really does strike me as a waste of time and effort registering in free online business directories if your not going to try and get the fill benefit from it.