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Why Google is Bad for Business Expansion and Business Growth

Google has been great for small business owners who knew about SEO were in niche markets or had little competition for the products or services they were selling.

Google was also great for small business owners who operated within a very small local area and knew how to take advantage of Google Maps Google Places.

Google was also great for small businesses who could sell products cheaper than their rivals whilst still making a profit via Google Product search.

One big problem with this though is that due to the ever changing Google Algorithms, the reliance on Google, the fact SEO is a form of gambling all mean the risks involved with business expansion are just too great now.

After every Google update we hear increasing stories about the small businesses who have been expanding on the back of Good Google rankings only to have to lay staff off and go back to basics because of lost Google rankings.

We here more stories of established businesses suddenly being outranked by the fly by night websites abusing Google guidelines because they are playing the system and in it for short term games.

Just how can small businesses safely expand now when Google has so much dominance in the market place resulting in business owners having too become reliant on it?

Google hasn’t just changed search it’s changed the whole of business.

Starting small and slowly expanding over a decade is now a rarity as it is now start quick, gain market share as quick as possible, by any means, make as much money in a short amount of time as possible, be prepared for it all to end overnight and move on to the next project.

Google has ruined stability and made business expansion for small business too much of a gamble.

Websites are now treated as throw away commodities, with digital agencies who can quickly rank new sites replacing small businesses who just have their company website they are reliant on.

The small business owner over optimises and loses a site loses his business, lays of his staff and all suffer.

The digital agencies optimise more, push the guidelines to the limits, as if they lose that site they quickly create another.

The digital agencies and call centres are taking over the business world.

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