I can understand it if a complete novice uses so Many WordPress plug-ins, but fail to see the reasoning why people who are FTP’ing and generally administrating sites use plugins so much.

A perfectly example was a little WordPress site I took over for someone who had had it built by a web team.

It was about 12 months old, had not been updated in all that time so I was asked to update and tidy it up.

First thing I did was have a quick look in the admin panel to discover it had 16 plugins, bear in mind this is a very simple < 10 page site.

The theme needed updating, WordPress needed updating, and at least 8 of the plugins needed updating (and that’s just the ones that told me).

Rather than updating the theme and plugins, I backed the site up and then went through the plugins seeing which were actually needed.

I then deleted all the plugins not needed, updated WordPress, replaced the theme with one of mine and checked the site over.

So how many of those plug ins was it still using? – 4

It has all virtually all the same features but is now far more easy to manage and keep updated.

Why the previous developer had used the other 12 plug-ins, and why nothing had been backed up in 12 months I have no idea.

To me that is one of the biggest problems with WordPress, it makes Web developers / designers complacent, just load WordPress, set up a theme, install a dozen plugins, hand it over to the client, take the money and run.

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