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Wine Coolers – Kitchen Wine Coolers

I’ve done quite a lot of optimising over the years where it is obvious what they keyword you are trying to rank for is.

My wheelchair ramps site sells Wheelchair Ramps, my pest control sites provide pest control services, my holiday cottages sites provide holiday cottages, etc.

One site I am playing around with at the moment though is set up to target the phrase Wine Coolers – The big problem with this though is not everyone calls them wine coolers, and also people searching for wine coolers may be searching for something completely different like a cheap little wine fridge, a plastic container to keep one bottle of wine cool or even a drink that some people refer to as a wine cooler.

Where this is particularly annoying is when using AdWords – The last thing you want when someone has paid to click on a link for wine coolers is them to be searching for a £10 wine coolers when the wine coolers we sell are £1,000 🙁

We get round some of this with negative keywords but not that effective when the most important exact match phrase is Wine Cooler.

wine cooler kitchen