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Parents Don’t forget to withdraw your money from ParentPay

How do I withdraw money from your ParentPay Parent Account?

1. Log into your ParentPay account.
2. From your homepage, Select Parent Account
3. At the bottom of your statement summary, select Withdraw.
4. Enter an amount.
5. Select Make withdrawal.

Also note: Make sure you confirm, it’s a bit misleading, you may think you have made a withdraw but you haven’t until you confirm it.

The money should be paid back to the card that you initially paid with

How to get money back from ParentPay if you have already paid for an item school meals for example

It appears you can only withdraw from a ParentPay Parent account, if you have already transferred money to pay for school dinners you need to contact the school or school caterers to request a refund.

Comment below if you are having problems withdrawing money from ParentPay

Withdraw Money from ParentPay

Withdrawing money from ParentPay

If you do intend withdrawing money from ParentPay please leave it a couple of days until I’ve got mine back

It’s going to be like A Wonderful Life if everyone withdraws at the same time.

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