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Will Google Buy Ordnance Survey?

Google Map Maker is ever increasing the countries it is available in as can be seen here –

Despite the popularity of Google Map Maker it is still not available in the UK though and the question is are the Ordnance Survey holding back progress to protect their copyright?

I’ve said it before that the Ordnance Survey is a prime assett that could raise the Government billions of $ so is it just a matter of time before either Google Buy Ordnance Survey or Apple Buy Ordnance Survey

Is Google claiming the right to use any data you display in Google Maps in any way it sees, fit the stumbling block that needs overcoming before Ordnance Survey allow Google to use the data Google needed to make Google Map Maker available to the UK?

Is Google buying Ordnance Survey or doing a licence deal with the Ordnance Survey crucial to making Google Map Maker available in the UK?

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