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This is the pace where I posts ramblings, rubbish, waffle and the occasional snippet of brilliance.

With over 18 years experience as an SEO I would like to think I know a bit about what I write about, the writing may not be the best, (spelling certainly won’t be) but the little snippets spinkled amongst the waffle may enlighten those new to the world of SEO, or those who have been hoodwinked by the snake oil salesmen who have sprung up in recent years.

I often say that one of the major reasons for my success as an SEO is the fact that I have always adopted a “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” philosophy. Many a time I have helped people for no reward, even helping those that some people in my situation may class as rivals.

The main reason I do this is because I am just a one man band competing in a market against multinational companies, and the only way I can see the likes of me, and hundreds of others like me, competing against these big boys is by us all helping each other out whenever we can.

This doesn’t mean I only help people in exchange for their help, I’ll often help people for no reward at all, with the hope they will remember this, even if it just means they mention the fact to just one other person.

With all that waffle out of the way there is no better place to start than reading my Latest Posts – Enjoy!


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