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I’ve seen numerous posts in forums asking how much does SEO cost and answers have varied from around £10.00 per hour up to £150.00 per hour.

The lower figure is usually just a one man band, new to the industry, working from home with no overheads. The higher SEO cost is usually from a bigger company with numerous staff, high overheads and high wages to pay.

Neither are accurate, the small one man band will soon realise £10.00 an hour is too cheap if he is any good, will soon realise he is better of forming a proper business, his overheads will rise and that £10.00 an hour will have to at least treble to generate a realistic wage.

The company charging £150.00 is probably not just providing SEO services but providing a full marketing service with SEO copywriters, keyword research specialists, link builders etc.

A more interesting question would be How much does a SEO earn ?

A. Below £300 a week 3%
B. Between £300 and £500 a week 12%
C. Beetween £500 and £750 a week 15%
D. Beetween £7,50 and £1,000 a week 22%
E. Beetween £1,000 and £1,500 a week 32%
F. Beetween £1,500 and £2,000 a week 14%
G. Beetween £2,000 and £3,000 a week 6%
H. Over £3,000 a week 3%

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