Sim64 SEO

Looking back through some old blog posts on sim64 I came across this one talking about a SEO Friendly WordPress Theme

The problem is I can’t remember when I posted it and what theme I was using at the time ūüôĀ

I am guessing from the description I used at the time it was just an adapted WordPress TwentyTen or TwentyEleven theme with a few tweeks.

This¬†old post got me¬†thinking more about creating SEO friendly WordPress themes as it’s something I must admit I tend to do a bit half hearted.

OK so my Wordpress themes are reasonably well optimised and tend to rank well, but in reality I do cut a lot of corners, miss out a lot of things when adapting them, and tend to neglect controlling what the engines do and do not index.

My other drawback with creating SEO friendly WordPress themes is the fact I still tend to rely on a bit of harcoding now and then which means when using a theme on different sites I always have to adapt it slightly before uploading it.

Anyway, all that rubbish out the way, I would be interested in hearing about the best WordPress themes for SEO and what people consider to be their Top 10 SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Please feel free to recommend a good SEO friendly theme below, all I ask is that if you are involved with the creation of it you acknowledge the fact with your comment.