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  1. Will OnTheMarket include an added recently feature
    As I say over on one of my other websites The One Big Problem with OnTheMarket a feature that is sadly missing on the new property website is the ability to only display properties that have been listed recently. … Continue reading

  2. Schema ComedyEvent Bill Cosby Far From Finished Tour
    Love the fact Google are using the Bill Cosby Far From Finished Tour as an example of ComedyEvent in the schema documentation. January 15, 2015 Terry Simmonds

  3. Comedy Show
    Buy your tickets now.

  4. New Structured Data Testing Tool
    I’ve added a new button for a New Structured Data Testing Tool in the sidebar of sim64 to make it easier to check every page. December 1, 2015 Terry Simmonds

  5. Google Panda Tips from 2011
    I’ve just found this old post I made about the Google Panda update from 2011 —— Original Post SEO Tips Post The Google Panda Update I’ve previously posted my favourite SEO Tips for on-page optimisation and also my Top 10 … Continue reading

  6. Terry Simmonds Google Plus Jump Links
    Another reason why I still use IE 10 = Terry Simmonds Story Section 24 = Terry Simmonds People Section 26 = Terry Simmonds Communities Section 9 = Terry Simmonds Education Section 11 = Terry Simmonds Basic Information Section 13 = … Continue reading

  7. Floral hair garlands Flower hair garlands
    Is 2015 going to be the year of flowers in your hair as floral hair garlands and flower hair garlands spring up everywhere?

  8. Are the Gaston videos on YouTube a Viral Marketing Campaign
    I’ve seen a couple of great YouTube videos of Gaston in the past few days. The actor is great, but are the videos genuine or part of a Disney viral marketing campaign? Would like to think they are just spontaneous, … Continue reading

  9. Make your blog posts more interesting with a random number generator
    Try clicking on a few different posts on this site A very simple random number generator setting the body background color

  10. Katie Hopkins Online Booze Calculator App
    Let’s be careful out there folks You never know who you might wake up next to! Online Booze Calculator   Katie Hopkins   Would you or wouldn’t you?   Yes No       See more here – Online Booze … Continue reading

  11. Has your iCloud account has been hacked or compromised
    Check if your iCloud account has been hacked or compromised Username: Password:   Check if any of your other Social Networking Accounts have been hacked or compromised Check Facebook Account : Check Google Plus Account : Check Gmail Account : … Continue reading

  12. Bolux to Google
    Just another random Google Captcha – Bolux to Google

  13. Online Booze Calculator Hacked by Katie Hopkins Fan Club
    It was previously reported that the Sim64 Online Booze Calculator was giving inaccurate results and reporting false positives. We are pleased to report that after a thorough investigation it appears that all the members of the Katie Hopkins fan club … Continue reading

  14. Has Your Google Plus Account Been Compromised
    Check if your Google Plus account has been compromised Username: Password: Check if any of your other Social Networking Accounts have been hacked or compromised Check Facebook Account : Check Google Plus Account : Check Gmail Account : Check Twitter … Continue reading

  15. Is staying at Manchester City Frank Lampard's Thierry Henry Moment ☜
    The New York City fans are turning against him but the big question is, now Frank Lampard is staying at Manchester City all season will the Chelsea fans turn against Frank Lampard too? Is this a Thierry Henry moment for … Continue reading

  16. This Programme Contains Flashing Images New Years Fireworks in London on BBC ☃
    You couldn’t make it up! ☃ After 10 minutes of watching the New Years fireworks on BBC and just as they are finishing, the BBC display a message saying; This Programme Contains Flashing Images

  17. BT Parental Controls Pop-Up Box Wont Go Away
    Anyone else on BT Broadband getting the bloody annoying BT Parental Controls Pop-Up when visiting websites? Fair enough it happening a few times, and if you click no it goes away, but I’m getting it more and more, and when … Continue reading

  18. SEO Keyword Checker
    The Sim64 SEO Keyword Checker helps you find keywords and key phrases related to the category you select. Use drop down arrow to select category and find keywords related to that category.

  19. Tyrion Lannister in Disguise Game of Thrones Identity Parade
    You couldn’t make it up – Tyrion Lannister in Disguise Tyrion Lannister in Disguise Game of Thrones Identity Parade I saw a clip from Game of Thrones 5 the other day in which Tyrion Lannister had grown a beard. I … Continue reading

  20. Flowplayer Video

  21. Oh boy the cold callers are going to love that
    As the owner of a popular online business directory UK Small Business Directory I am plagued by cold callers ringing from SEO agencies with their promises of high Google Rankings. The callers generally imply they are from Google, Facebook, other … Continue reading

  22. Climb Online Limited – created on 16/06/2014 registrar: IP Location: Stevenage UK Registrant Organisation: Domain Privacy Protector Ltd Registrant Name: Private User —– Clime Online Limited Date of Incorporation: 17/06/2014 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company number: 09090758 Registered Office: AMSHOLD HOUSE … Continue reading

  23. Why isn't Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on TV
    Why isn’t Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on TV? My kids have seen all the Harry Potter films on TV except Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Some of them 2 or 3 times. The Harry Potter … Continue reading

  24. Why can’t you embed Google+ Posts with Polls
    You can embed normal Google+ Posts so why not Google+ Posts with polls? Maybe I should rephrase that – Why is there no option to embed Google+ posts with polls within Google+ ?

  25. List of hacked school websites in the UK
    Having noticed a school website had been hacked and seeing nothing has been done after contacting them I really think something needs doing. I’ve contacted Ofsted, who say, “I am afraid this is not an issue for Ofsted.” Contacted Department … Continue reading

  26. Check if pages on your site are mobile friendly
    Check if pages on your site pass the #mobilefriendly test at

  27. basic map

  28. Scary Spice Wardrobe Malfunction
    Who else is just sat waiting for a scary spice wardrobe malfunction?

  29. Stamp Duty Saving of £726.25 on Average House
    Average house price of £177,377 results in a Stamp Duty saving of £726.25


  31. Twitter Widgets
    Tweets by @Sim64UK

  32. inspiringthoughtsgbbo00 down
    Is down or DNS settings messed up? Going to inspiringthoughtsgbbo00 for me. points to the site “inspiringthoughtsgbbo00″ which does not exist. Please contact the domain administrator.

  33. Well Done Western Power Distribution
    Nice to see someone at Western Power Distribution #WesternPower is on the ball. Not only are they running a nice gear up for winter campaign but this morning I received in the post a glow-in-the-dark fridge magnet with their contact … Continue reading

  34. Free advertising space available. No strings, no hidden agenda but I am revamping my directory site… Canonical Tag and HTML Validation I use & symbols in the URLs of some of my sites as I dare say many… Jamie Donaldson … Continue reading

  35. YouTube 301 Views

  36. Mini Movie Moment Answers
    Are there any answers to mini movie moment on Sky? As Christmas 2014 approaches I dare say the Sky Mini Movie Moments will begin again. Does anyone know if they reveal the answers to Mini Movie Moments anywhere, and if … Continue reading

  37. Quick way of finding recent listings in UKSBD
    As much for myself as anyone else. A quick way of finding recent listings in UK Small Business Directory and also a quick way of sorting by business category. A very simple RSS feed that list the latest 1000 entries … Continue reading

  38. What will Bill Watterson think of the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014
    Calvin and Hobbes – Sam and Monty Is someone at John Lewis a big Bill Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes fan? Music in the 2014 John Lewis Christmas Advert is Tom Odell covering John Lennon’s Real Love apparently.

  39. Devil Worshipers in South Warwickshire
    Be careful out there folks, I’ve heard that a couple of devil worshipers have been spotted in Stourton, South Warwickshire For your own safety, please do not approach them. Probably best to give them a small offering to distract them … Continue reading

  40. tsū

  41. opstopreason
    What does opstopreason mean?

  42. I’ve been playing with SEO for 13 years Now What?
    Looking back at some old sites this evening and I found one of the 1st sites that got me interested in SEO was registered in June 2001 which means I have been playing at SEO for over 13 years. … Continue reading

  43. Ben Flower Banned How long should Ben Flower be Banned For?
    I’ve played a lot of rugby in my time and seen some punch ups, but that Ben Flower punching someone on the ground is beyond the limits for me. I’ve always been one, for what happens on the pitch staying … Continue reading

  44. Google+ Widget and Badge

  45. Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson outrages LGBT community with gay innuendo
    Posing in bed with another man (Heston Blumenthal) Does Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson really think gay innuendo is good for #WakeUpCall He should be banned from the BBC Jeremy Clarkson Caught In Bed With Heston Blumenthal

  46. Wheelchair Ramps Category
    Back up of the Wheelchair Ramps category from our blog on Wheelchair Ramps for Stages We are often asked about which wheelchair ramp is best when trying to provide wheelchair access to a stage. Stages up to 400mm high … Continue reading

  47. Wheelchair Ramps website has a small revamp
    My wheelchair ramps site has been sadly neglected recently and really could do with a complete overhaul. I haven’t really got the time at the moment, so just gave the homepage a slight revamp to emphasise the quality of the … Continue reading

  48. Setting a default image for Google+ from Jetpack Publicize
    If you want to know how to set a default image for Google+ from Jetpack Publicize you can find the answer here – WordPress Support

  49. It looks gruff in the woods today

  50. Jamie Donaldson wins Ryder Cup for Europe
    Jamie Donaldson wins Ryder Cup for Europe with a great 2nd shot in to 15

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