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SEO and Social Engineering

If you think SEO is  a 9 – 5 job then you really should think again.

SEO is like Social Engineering and to get the full benefit you need to have the right mentality.

Many people today think SEO is all about outsourcing, link building, article writing, guest blogging, forum commenting, etc.

There is far more to it than that though and the real SEO’s tend to be methodical, research driven and dare I say it obsessive.

The real obsessive SEO won’t believe what he reads in a forum without first setting up a range of tests and SEO experiments to confirm or deny the latest theories, in fact, chances are if something is posted in a forum most good SEO’s already have tests set up for that subject.

As with social engineering the fundamentals of SEO are to find out things and use them to your advantage, if this means methodically researching slight algorithm changes, studying patent releases, reading guidelines and help files carefully, testing, testing and testing again, then so be it.

Off course all of this is very time consuming which means a lot of good SEO work is done in the middle of the night when the SEO is effectively playing, researching and learning at the same time.

All very similar to Social Engineering and the mind of a good SEO is not that different to the mind of a good Social Engineer.

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