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How To Get More Links To Your Website – How To Get More Links To My Website

As I think most people will agree, Google still sees links to your website as one of the main factors in their algorithms when it comes to Google rankings.

It was a lot easier getting links to websites in the early days of SEO but now Google have frightened lots of webmasters and website owners about linking it has become a lot harder.

You now have to go a bit further when requesting links and one of the best ways of doing this is giving something the person you are requesting a link from something they want on their website.

This used to be done with web award style badges, top 100 websites badges, etc.

Now social networks are so popular it is now either done with widgets or very simple web buttons.

If you want to get more links to your website you need to make it easy for the person to set up the link and provide a nice button they can use for the link

See example below

Help Keep My Website Free

If you appreciate the service I provide, please provide a link back to my website

HTML Code for image Link:

This is how image will look on your website

Free Business Advertising

Note: feel free to download image and resize it to suit you – Thank you.

Getting more links to your website

As you can see, I provide the code for them to create the link and also provide a nice little button type graphic they can use on their website.

  • It’s easier for them to link back
  • They have a nice little graphic they can use for the link

In tests I find far more people link back with a nice button graphic than if you just ask them to provide a text link back to your website.

Let me know what you think of this little link building tip in the comments below

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