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How to Promote an eCommerce Store

The UK Small Business Directory was originally devised for businesses with physical locations and when a small business registers in it we ask for their business category, their town and their county which we then use to categorise your listing.

With Online only businesses and eCommerce stores becoming more and more popular we were getting asked more frequently if a business had to include an address when registering.

This triggered a lightbulb moment and I thought how about creating a separate eCommerce Stores Directory

I spent a few hours planning it out and then built a new little directory specifically for Online Business and for those looking for places to promote eCommerce store and online businesses.

It’s all still work in progress but I made it live yesterday 7/4/2021 and it already has 10 businesses listed in it – Latest Listings on

If you run an online eCommerce store and would like to advertise in our eCommerce Stores Directory see our Registration Page or get in touch with me on 01608 663759