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SEO Tip of the Day How to get natural links

Todays little SEO Tip of the day is inspired by an email I received the other evening,

“Dear TJ,

I have been following your SEO Tips with interest and if you don’t mind would like to make a suggestion?

How about having a SEO Questions and Answers facility where people can post questions via the comment system and you answer them for all to see?

I hope you like this suggestion as I have taken the liberty to ask a very basic question of my own, How do I get more Natural links?

All the best,

Well Bob, that is actually an idea that I thought of before but never got around to setting up properly so thanks for the kick up the backside I need to get it set up.

I will try and do this over the weekend.

Oh! and in answer to your question How do I get Natural links

That’s an easy answer,

Build pages that people want to link to 🙂

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