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Myron Bolitar Has a Sister

(original post made on May 8th 2021)

I’ve been searching for information on Myron Bolitar’s sister for 3 or 4 years now but have still not found out anything about her.

I’ve only ever seen Myron Bolitars sister mentioned once twice in all of the Myron Bolitar and Win books and was really surprised that no one else appears to have ever mentioned her.

Searching in Google for myron bolitar sister reveals nothing

Even a search for does myron bolitar have a sister or Does Myron Bolitar have siblings? reveals nothing.

How can it be possible in todays Internet age that I can’t find a single piece on Google about the sister of Myron Bolitar.

Unless you know different! – If so, please let me know in the comments below

update 11 July 2023

Is Shira Bolitar Myron Bolitar’s Sister

In the 2023 tv series of Shelter – The Young Adult trilogy based on Myrons nephew Mickey Bolitar – there is a character described as the “Annoying Aunt”

If you have read the books, Myron comes accross as an annoying uncle, but as Harlan Coben doesn’t want Myron to appear in an Amazon production it looks as though the Annoying Aunt could be Shira Bolitar who we can only assume is Myrons sister.

Is this the 1st time we have known the name of Myron Bolitars sister and does the fact she is named Bolitar mean she has never married?

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