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SEO Tip – Remember The Questions You Are Asked

Today’s little SEO TIP requires a bit of observation.

As people email you, phone you or just speak to you throughout the week, make a note of any questions they ask you.

Go though these questions at the end of the week, look at your website and does it clearly answer these questions?

If not – Why Not?

If it is a pretty obscure or trivial question you can just add the answer to it somewhere within the copy on your most relevant page.

If the same question is asked quite regularly or you consider it an important question you can create a new page on your website dedicated to answering that question whilst incorporating links to the relevant section of your website.

Make it a full answer with lots of information, title the page accordingly and the next time someone asks this question in a search engine it may be your web page they find that gives them the answer they are looking for.

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SEO Tip - Remember The Questions You Are Asked

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