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SEO Tips For Beginners

Always remember a page is a page, a website is a website.

To optimise a website you 1st need to optimise individual pages

Treat each page as an individual project but keep them related and well structured.

Site Structure and Navigation

Individual well optimised pages need a good site structure and navigation system to rank well.

Visitors (and Google) need a clear navigation structure that helps them get to the page they are looking for in as clear, quick way as possible.

Create a navigation system that makes it easy to get to the end product/service page with as few a hops as possible.

Keep Your End Pages Static

You sell hats, your end page URL is /id-12345

Product ID 12345 is a Large Red Trilby, no matter how people get to your page, if they come from; Red hats, large hats, trilby hats, large red hats, large red trilby hats, etc. the final end page they land on should always be the same URL /id-12345

If you can’t make it so the URL is always the same, use a rel=canonical tag on the other URL’s pointing to the correct one.

Tell people what the pages are about within your navigation structure

It may be obvious to use what Red means, your visitors may have an idea what Red means, but search engines can be incredible dumb at times.

If you sell Red Hats don’t just use Red as the anchor text in your navigation system pointing to your Red Hats page, use Red Hats.

Likewise don’t use Red Hats in your Navigation system when pointing at your Red Trilby Hats page, use Red Trilby Hats.

You need to make it clear what the page is about within your navigation system before the search engines actually reach the page.

Make it clear what your page is about instantly

People are fickle, search engines are fickler.

As soon as a visitor or search engine lands on your page they need to know what the page is about.

The key points in telling search engines what a page is about after landing on it are;

Well Optimised Page Titles

Going back to our Red Trilby Hats page, the title of this page shouldn’t be “Company Name – Suppliers of Hats, Coats and Scarves” as that doesn’t tell Google the page is about Red Trilby Hats, a better page title would be “Red Trilby Hats in small, medium and large from Company Name the hat specialists”

SEO Tips – Well optimised headings

Most well optimised pages tend to be divided up a little with different sections having different headings.

H Tags are generally used for the main headings of these sections with H1 used as the main header, H2 as a secondary header and H3/H4 tags as less important headers.

It is important not to waste these headers and to use them to talk about the content of the page rather than generalising about the content of the website.

On our Trilby Hats page the obvious title of you main heading, and what should be used in your H1 tag is “Trilby Hats” if it was the end product page and it was a large red trilby hat the H1 tag would be “Red Trilby Hat”

Likewise with your H2 tags – If the section is describing the hats don’t just use description in your H2 tags use something like “Trilby hats features”

Note: Something you need to bear in mind here, and what I will come to later, is that your “Trilby Hats” page and your “Red Trilby Hat” must not be too similar.

Well optimised content

SEO isn’t about getting your keyword on your page as often as you can anymore, the key is to have well written, well balanced, informative content which is still clearly about the product.

Read the content out loud to someone who has never seen your site and ask them what it is about, read the content out to a child and ask them what it is about.

If they don’t say “Red Trilby Hats” try to think of better copy that makes it more clear.

Well optimised photos

Remove all the text, show the page to someone and ask what the page is about, if they don’t say “Red Trilby Hats” get some better photos.

Well optimised Alt attributes

Remove all the text, add a broken image link (an image that doesn’t show because the link is pointing to wrong place), show the page to someone and ask what the page is about, if they don’t say “Red Trilby Hats” make sure you are using “Red Trilby Hats” as the alt attribute to the image Red Trilby Hats

Build your Trust

Would you buy something expensive online if you didn’t know who you were buying of?

Make your pages trustworthy by letting people know all about you.

Have terms and privacy pages clearly linked to from every page, have an about section clearly linked to from every page, display your address and contact number clearly, and particularly important if a location based business, keep this consistent every where your business is mentioned online.

SEO isn’t rocket science

Learn the basics of SEO, be enthusiastic about SEO and be approachable and half the battle is over.

SEO Advice to boost Google Rankings – The foundations for SEO Campaigns – SEO Tips

  1. Research
  2. Test
  3. Gain trust
  4. Inform
  5. Write well
  6. Engage
  7. React
  8. Respond
  9. Analyse

SEO Tips

SEO Tips – Why should your website rank higher in Google than anyone elses?

If you’re wondering why your website isn’t ranking as high in Google as you think it should or as high in Google as your SEO has promised you, have a quick read below.

  1. Does your website provide the most relevant information about what the searcher is searching for?
  2. Is it quick and easy to find the right information on your pages?
  3. Is all the information fresh and up to date?
  4. Would you say it was easy for a visitor to your website to share the information with their friends?
  5. If you visited your website as a general visitor, would you like the feel of the site, feel it is trustworthy and be happy to recommend it to your friends?
  6. Is there something memorable about your site that would prompt a reaction if previous visitors were talking amongst themselves about the products/information on your website?
  7. If a group of people were talking about the products/information on your website do you think your website would be mentioned in the conversation?
  8. Do you ever see your website randomly mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, forums, articles, other websites, etc.?
  9. Would it be useful to another website owner to use information from your website?
  10. Have you a system in place that makes it clear that, you or your webmaster, are approachable to other website owners/webmasters?
  11. Can you provide; articles, press releases, information, high quality images, etc. to those who would like to use it, and IMPORTANTLY do you make it clear that you are happy to do this?
  12. Would you consider yourself to be an expert on the products/information displayed on your website, or if not an expert, someone with a good knowledge of the products/information?
  13. Is it easy to navigate around your website when looking for further information on not only your products/information, but also your location, your contact details, your business history, your company information, your terms, your privacy policy and your returns policy?
  14. Is your website better than your competitions?

If you answered No to any of the questions above, ask yourself again – Why should your website rank higher in Google than anyone elses?

5 years ago you could have said No to at least a dozen of the above questions and still ranked high in Google

Say No to just 2 or 3 of them now and your chances of ranking high are diminished more and more.

If you require help with any of the above – Get in Touch.

If you have answered Yes to all of the above but still want help – Get in Touch.

If you think all the above is bollock and just want someone to rank you higher – Feel free to come back after you have been scammed a couple of times, have used the services of cheap SEO companies and received poor results or have had your website blacklisted in Google.

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