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Google Plus Google Author Rank and More

Maybe it’s just the groups and groups of people I followed but Google+ was basically being used by marketers to self promote or promote others in their circles this was typified well by Google Author rank.

Just because Google created a rel=author tag for people to use to mark up their content and some random posts about content was ranked higher based on the author we suddenly had this weird theory about Author Rank

Seeing a bit of fun here I immediately created a little spoof Google Author Rank Checker

It was initially very simple. people entered their Google+ ID number and my author rank checker returned a random number between 40 and 80 which I said was their Author Rank.

It was soon getting lots of visitors so I combined it with my Google+ Widget which pulled the persons name and Avatar from Google+ and made it look more genuine.

I had a Google+ share button on it and then had what I thought was a great little social experiment.

On day I defaulted the random number checker so no one would receive a score above 59 for a day and monitored the Google Shares

On day 2 I adjusted the random number checker to produce a score no lower than 70 and again monitored the shares

The results showed that many more people shared their Author Rank score if it was high compared to people who had received low scores

My Conclusion: People are more prepared to Share things that paint them in a better light.

Tip: If you want to try and get something out of someone or influence them – Flatter them and boost their ego.

Sharing Good News : Google Author Rank Checker a Social Study

Some would say that sums up SEO to the tee

Story continues here – Google Panda Update

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