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Working From a Hospital Bed

I would like to say I arrived at the hospital, set up a little work area and started doing some work from my hospital bed just a couple of days after my OP – but no!

I had a few complications with my 1st op and was back on the table the next day too, spent a week feeling lousy and was on the table for the 3rd time within a week.

After the 3rd OP things settled down a little, but the last thing I wanted to do was set my laptop up.

I then spent another 2 weeks in hospital, was discharged for 2 days only to be rushed back in due to a mass bleed and then spent another 4 weeks on the ward with bouts of infections and general unwellness in which time I didn’t touch my laptop once and was only on my mobile for short periods.

After 8 weeks I was discharged again but spent the next month stopping at my parents as they were closer to the hospital, doctors, physio, etc. and they could look after me better.

Whist there, I finally set my laptop up, logged in to website to see I had about 90 new upgraded lisings, the automated system I had set up before going in to hospital had worked well 🙂

I also checked my emails, 10,000+ but 99% junk.

The few genuine emails I replied to and then thought about opening the directory up again to new registations.

In all the time I was in hospital I hadn’t seen my family once or even spoken to them. This was a deliberate desicion as I didn’t want them to know how bad I was, after a few weeks at my parents though a mate came round and took me home to see my family for the ist time in about 3 months – it was great.

I had a nice day with them and decided I would go back for the weekend.

That weekend I got back in to my office for a couple of hours, spoke to my daughter about how she was coping and got to work opening up the business directory again for new registations.

The next few weeks consisted of regular trips to Coventry for chemo and radiotharapy with most days spent at my parents as they were so much closer, I still wasn’t driving and my mum was taking me every day

After my 2nd bout of chemo I had a bad reaction and spent another 10 days on the ward, which was handy in a way as it meant instead of a 40 mile drive for my radiotherpy it was just a 5 minute trip in a wheelchair from my ward to the radiotherpy unit 🙂

In all this time I did very little work on any websites other than approving or rejecting directory listings and just monitoring other sites.

More coming soon…

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