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Still No Inspiration – Then Got The Bug Back 🙂

If you have read my last post you will know we are now up to 2015 and I am in a bit of a rut and lost all inpiration for web work and SEO.

My daughter has just started a graphic design course at Stratford College which means I am effectively a part time taxi driver as I’m taking her into college and picking her back up again 5 days a week which gets me out the house for a couple of hours a day.

My directory site is still ticking over and just about earning enough so that I don’t have to get a job.

I was still playing around with the V1 websites I mentioned in a previous post and even bought the personalised reg plate V1 SEO which I put on my new car with the intention of using to help advertise my SEO services by parking it in prominant places when visiting local business parks, industrial estates, etc.

V1 SEO number plate

I told myself this was the reason I bought it, but really it was just because I liked it 🙂

Although I wasn’t really looking to do work for anyone else I was getting approached by more local small businees wanting help so decided that as long as they agreed it was on my basis I would look at the optimising of their sites which quite often led to me taking over the websites or even building them new ones and I got the webworrk bug back.

I wasn’t charging a lot and tended to just concentrate on people who just wanted basic simple sites

by the end on 2015 I had over a dozen people/small businesses I was looking after as well as about 20 of my own sites.

I never really charged them what I should have done but had an understaning with them that once it felt like it was becoming work rather me enjoying what I was doing I would either stop or start charging them accordingly.

Most the people I was looking after only really needed a couple or three hours work a month, but a couple of them I was spending a good 10 hours a week on, but fortunately still not seeing it as work.

With the income the directory was bringing in and the income from the sites I was looking after, the thoughts about maybe having to get a proper job were no longer a worry.

I wasn’t making a fortune but enough to be able to carry on enjoying what I was doing through the next couple of years

Story Continues Here – The Good and Bad Years

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