This is a follow on of my SEO Story, if you haven’t already, go back to this post to read it from the start – How I started in SEO

The Good And Bad Years

If you have read my previous few post you will know I earned quite a bit of money from webwork and SEO from 2004 – 2011, took a break from the Internet for a couple of years whist modernising a new house and then modernising the cottage I moved out of which I then rented out.

White Cottage

I then had a year or so where I had lost my inspiration, was just about making a living from my main Business Directory site until mid 2015 when I started building websites again, optimising again and had built up a local client base of over a dozen people/small businesses whose websites I was looking after.

Jump to early 2018 and the year started off really nicely.

One of the guys I had been looking after for about 4 or 5 years but not really charging what I should have been, contacted me to say he was selling his business.

We always had this sort of agreement that I would look after him and if he ever did well he would look after me, I never really expected much but he said when the sale goes through he would give me £5,000

It took a few months until his deal was done, but true to his word he gave me the £5k 🙂

That’s a nice start to the yeat – Then Boom 🙁

That’s a nice start to 2018 I thought, until late April Early May when I started having problems with a wisdom tooth (or that’s what I thought) I had a painful lump in my mouth and my wisdom tooth was biting on to it, my dentist took out my top wisdom tooth and for a a couple of weeks I was fine until the pain came back.

Another visit to my dentist and this time he reffered my to a specialist at hospital, 2 weeks latere I had heard nothing, pain was getting worse, went back to dentist and this time he told me to drive straight over to UHCW (University Hospital Coventy & Warwickshire), I said, is it bad? he nodded, could it be cancer? he nodded – and off I drove to Coventy in a bit of a daze

Story of what happened next is here – April / May 2018 – You Have Cancer

Now knowing I had cancer and not knowing what the future had in hold for me I had to make a few decisions.

The 1st of those was to untangle the bit of a mess I was in with my original business which was really set up for retailing websites which was mixed in with the webwork I was doing.

I had been thinking about setting up a completely separate business for at least 2 or 3 years and this was the inspiration.

Knowing I was going in to hospital in weeks I made an appointment woth my accountant to discuss options and decided to create a new Limited company TJS Marketing Ltd

Story continues here – Setting up TJS Marketing

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