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The ultimate guide to Google Authorship and Google Author Rank

Why improving your Google Author Rank will give you a warm fuzzy feeling

and why it has never been more important to waffle away about nothing in particular.

What is Google Authorship

Google Authorship is the same as all other Authorship but with some special little features.
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What is Author Rank

Author Rank is where you are rated in a chart of 100 top authors, if you are better than 67 of them your Author Rank is 68.
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How Can I Improve my Author Rank

Write better.
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Is There An Author Rank Checker

Yes, you can find an official Sim64 Google Author Rank Checker here – Google Author Rank Checker.
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How Accurate is the Author Rank Checker

The Sim64 Google Author Rank Checker creates a made up score based on your Google+ ID number and is as accurate as a Google Panda Update prediction.
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Does Google Authorship Improve Search Engine Rankings

It depends on what the author writes.
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Does a sexy google+ profile photo improve click through rates

Send me a link to a sexy google+ profile photo and I will let you know.
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My Displayed Author Rank is Wrong

If you think your displayed Google Author Rank is too low this could be due to;
A. The Dunning-Kruger effect.
B. The Sim64 Author Rank Checker is a spoof.
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Read more about this Author Rank Checker here – The higher the Author Rank the more People Share


Author details

These Google Authorship tips were written by Terry Simmonds – SEO expert at Sim64.
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